“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

~ Miles Kington

The Wellness Work is a safe, healing exploration of the somatic and sensory roots of trauma and other experience that generate and integrate our conscious and unconscious messaging.

When we investigate suffering, we tend to get lost in its complexity. But, no matter how different our stories are, we all experience suffering as excess want, fear or ignorance.

I suffer from -

  • Want when certain neurotransmitters signal hunger, love, lack and anxiety.

  • Fear about losing what I have and/or not getting what I want.

  • Ignorance (also called illusion and delusion) when I presume I possess knowledge I do not.

We complicate these very basic human experiences by focusing on the circumstances that cause them. But, so many of these conditions cannot be controlled (sh#@ happens!). So, our best shot at non-suffering is to regulate our somatic, sensory and mental perception. The effort and skill with which we do this determines our resilience.

We are comprised of physical and abstract awareness:

  • Physical mind comprises our body and nervous system.

  • Abstract mind comprises our thoughts, beliefs and language patterns.

Together these filter our experience and control behavior. The Wellness Work identifies and examines these integrated signals by-

  • Exposing habits of mind, body, core beliefs and reflexive behaviors.

  • Practicing radical, loving acceptance of ourself and our world.

  • Using this new freedom to dis-integrate un-resourceful patterns of thinking and acting.

  • Integrating new or underused physical, emotional and spiritual resources for our ultimate resilience and purpose.

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