"Zeffa imparts compassion and wisdom in equal measure while leading meditations and exercises to increase self-awareness and what I might describe as awareness beyond the self. She helped me untangle my emotional, intellectual and sensory reactions to a variety of events and situations, in a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere. I left each of her classes with a sense that I'd been unburdened from something, even if I didn't understand immediately what had been lifted. It was as if she was gently separating my reactions from some higher part of myself, so that I could see myself with more clarity and compassion, and at that point choose how to respond to a given situation (rather than just react). Not that I graduated from her class as a perfect, non-reactive human, but I gained some tools and perspective. Her classes were also fun and relaxing, and helped me get through a tough stretch in my life. Zeffa is an honest soul, with impeccable integrity, a keen intellect, a warm heart, and a huge amount of knowledge. I highly recommend her!"

~ W. J.


Zeffa has brought a tremendous amount of insight, perspective, and levity to my life and I perpetually appreciate her centered-ness. If you have the opportunity to take classes with Zeffa, participate in her workshops, or just get a cup of tea with her, I highly recommend it."

~ Adam O.


"Zeffa Kinney is a highly engaging, well organized and flexible facilitator who is incredibly generous with her knowledge. She has excellent training as a mindfulness coach, and she is able to work effectively with many different levels of understanding and wellness on the part of her participants. I've attended Zeffa's mindfulness sessions and felt as though I gained valuable insight and skills that were both professional and personal. I highly recommend her as a speaker, facilitator/trainer and coach."

Susan Redditt Ed.D. 


"Mindfulness has the potential to dissipate, opening up dramatic potential to see the world more vibrantly. For individuals, non-profits, and corporations alike, removing our blinders of stubbornness is one of the most important tools for innovation. Zeffa introduces these concepts with a Stephen Colbert-like humor, removing the seriousness generally clouding contemplative practices, making this spiritual technology accessible to the skeptics among us. She brings mindfulness out of 'the monastery' and into the secular world without disregarding its sacred history. Anyone who has the tremendous privilege to work with Zeffa can expect an active listener with a uncanny ability to propel you into a new awareness of your creative potential.

~ Greg Josselyn


"Zeffa is an inspiration to me. She has found a way to take some negative lessons and experiences in her life and use them to help herself and others. She is well versed and knowledgeable, learning right along with you as she teaches!"

~ Justin W.


"I have taken two workshops with her on mindfulness. I found her to be organized, interesting, and clear. Both times, I left with new tools that I could utilize easily in my daily life. I would recommend her mindful resilience and interpersonal skill building trainings." 

~ Rebecca G.


"I feel comfortable and accepted for who I am while working with Zeffa. She takes a practical collaborative approach to problem solving, partnering with the person rather than trying to fix it for them.

~ "Jill R.


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