The Wellness Work for Serious Seekers


  • 30-day intervention: Daily inventory of your physical, emotional and cognitive states. Create and being to implement the plan for change.

  • 90-days to uninstall habitual behavior and train intentional habits.

  • Weekly, one-hour sessions (email to schedule private or group training)

  • 4-day retreat Thursday 12pm through Sunday 2pm.


Learn the tools that:

  • Balance physical, energetic and conscious bodies

  • Develop self-knowledge, wisdom and integrity 

  • Tone and train your nervous system to grow stronger through adversity

  • Uninstall irrational, fear-based and limiting beleifs

  • Inventory the criteria that dictate your decisions


Do you teach, council, parent, or otherwise provide care and support for others?

Does it sometimes leave you feeling like a storeroom for distress?

This training allows you to: 

  • Be fully and peacefully present even when you think you have nothing to give

  • Practice rational compassion, avoid empathic distress and be a stronger ally

  • Train in the habits that develop and maintain your optimal health and happiness​

These skills are practical but not intuitive. They allow us to joyfully live up to our commitment to a better world.

" We can’t love what we fear and we can’t truly understand what we don’t love. If we want to be strong, we need to love what is making us weak."

~ Zeffa

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