Every so often my father would take a deep breath and exhale a loud "wheeee!"

The context and timber of his exclamation made it clear that what he meant was, "life sure is a wild and terrifying ride." Of course he was right. And while many have come to the same conclusion, I've never heard anyone put it so succinctly. I am not so concise. So, Gordon, please forgive my slightly more painstaking summation of life.

Life is a hedonistic romp. A constant indulgence followed by overindulgence of the senses until that morning when we wake up addicts, hit bottoms, and if with a little luck, life becomes the pursuit of abstinence or at the vey least temperance where we embark on our contemplative journey to observe and honor the senses. This is our roller coaster, we throw up our arms, scream; lean into the tight turns, catch our breath on the flats, and whip up a froth of anticipation climbing back to the top where we surrender to doing it all again. The car stops at the beginnings and endings and we may choose to get off or not. When we do, we can watch the remaining rider’s contortions, listen to the screams and if there is envy, we climb back on. If we find a strange sense of superiority or relief at having feet on the ground, we may call this our spiritual evolution, but know; deep down, that we are simply waiting on line for the next ride.

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