Ordained as Buddhist clergy in the Middle-Way Peace Order, certified as a coach and hypnotist by the NLP Center Of New York, I offer evidence based recovery and resilience training.​ I've developed tools for stress management, mindfulness, non-violent communication, sensory integration and neurolinguistic programming to reduce and ultimately eradicate limiting beliefs, habitual behavior, and conditioned learning. 

I help folks with addiction, ADD, OCD, codependency and general anxiety to experience confidence, serenity and rational compassion. The success of these tools lies with our commitment to use them and a willingness to upgrade when we're ready for more personal freedom. Powerful resilience and intentional living starts with awareness, agency and action.

Zeffa Kinney

My ADD contributed to what was critiqued as indecisiveness, a trait I now recognize as extreme flexibility. I have healed the self-deprecation and reduced the scatteredness that comes with perfectionism. As a writer and compulsive editor, that was a huge relief. My coaching utilizes editing of internal scripts that cripple or empower a sense of agency (the awareness of choice.) This has provided much healing for me, my clients and students, who include therapists, health and human service providers and educators. Professional care-givers work especially hard to maintain compassion and avoid empathic distress. The Wellness Work enables these daily heroic efforts to be carried out with ease. The most important lessons I ever learned were about how to love my life until it started loving me back. No drug, drink, object or accolade has ever compared with the high I get watching others receive that gift is what gets me up in the morning.


One client calls me the mutant love child of Tony Robbins and Pema Chodrin.

I suspect I'm actually channelling George Carlin.

"The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement."
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

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