The Wellness Work offers potent, holistic behavioral integration programs as well as one time interventions to shift your mindset toward resilience. Access serenity and compassion where and when you need it most. 


Zeffa is Buddhist clergy and a Taoist internal arts practitioner who teaches the Middle-Way tradition. She is a certified neurolinguistic programming coach and hypnotherapist. Three decades of holistic health study, Taoist/Buddhist moving and stillness meditative arts practice, and many other stress integration practices inform her coaching of folks with of anxiety, chronic health issues, immune imbalance, ADD, OCD, and addiction as well as those simply looking to increase their well being. 


I teach resilience and intentional living through awareness, agency and action.

Some of my preferred tools are:

  • Buddhist and Taoist meditation

  • Healing sound

  • Finding, following and controlling our center of gravity

  • Moving stagnant internal energy

  • Generating and directing Qi 

  • Minset intervention

  • Great compassion and Tonglen


Resilient Compassion

Do you teach, council, supervise, parent, or otherwise provide care and support for others?

Does it sometimes leave you feeling like a storeroom for distress? These skills are practical but not intuitive. They allow us to joyfully commit to a better world.

This training allows you to: 

  • Be fully and peacefully present even when you think you have nothing to give

  • Practice rational compassion, avoid empathic distress and be a stronger ally

  • Train habits that maintain your optimal health and happiness

"Resilience is a set of skills that enables anyone to acknowledge and alter our state."

~ Zeffa

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